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Spotsie’s contribution

A few years back I used up some of my not-so-soft alpaca yarn knitting wrist warmers which I then felted.  I called them my ‘manly man’ wrist warmers because they were far from delicate or feminine.  Their place was with the ice fishermen and hunters.  But I noticed the ladies were trying them on and buying them for themselves, so I made more in smaller sizes until I had used up all my old ‘strong’ yarn.  After they were gone, I still had people asking about them – wanting the felted wrist warmers, not the pretty soft ones I had for sale.

And so after shearing this year, I had 2 fleeces from Spotsie (this year’s and last year’s).  Now Spotsie will be 10 years old this fall and her fiber is pretty coarse, but I had it spun into worsted weight.

white yarn

Spotsie’s yarn

On my last big dyeing day, I dyed some of the yarn and dyed the remainder in a pot earlier this week.

pile of green yarn

Dyed green

Some is green, some light purple, some a light brown/gray.  2000 yards in all.

2 balls of yarn

Wound into balls

Then it is wound into balls.

6 knit wrist warmers

Knitting is done

The wrist warmers knit up quickly on the knitting machine.

2 pair of seamed wrist warmers

Seaming done

Seams are sewn, leaving the thumb hole.

5 pair felted

Felting done

After agitation in the hot suds of the wash machine and a few hours hanging outside to dry, I have 5 pair of light purple felted wrist warmers.

size comparison

Before and after felting

The size is reduced considerably in the felting process.  I should have 5 pair of the gray/brown and 6 pair of the green, for a total of 16 pair.  They will soon be available at craft show or farmer’s market!

Thank you, Spotsie, for providing just the fiber I needed for this project.


Arm Warmers…. DONE!

In between tests of patience while doing my taxes, I’ve been knitting the Arm Warmers that I designed the pattern for.   I was trying to knit a couple pair each day, so I could sew up the seams each evening.  This was working pretty well until the tax deadline loomed and knitting took a backseat.  But once the tax task was off my plate, I decided to go nose to knitting machine!  Today I finished the yarn that I had allotted for Arm Warmers.

arm warmers

A Rainbow of Arm Warmers


Here they are.   All 100% alpaca yarn, warm and comfy.  The bottom row is completed, photographed and listed in the online store.  The top row still needs finishing, but they will be there soon! 

Now I can move on to something else.  I need to make a few more headbands.  Perhaps that will be next.  I’ve been working out a boot cuff / boot topper pattern in my head.  It’s nearing the point of being ready for scribbles and calculations!  Does anyone out there wear boot cuffs?  What do you like about them?

Do the math without calculations

I’ve had a few requests for wrist warmers that are longer, that reach nearly to the elbow.   The pattern for these has been rolling in my brain for a while.  Yesterday, I decided it was time. 

I knew the ‘arm warmer’ (as I’m calling the longer version) would need to be a bit bigger around at the end that is near the elbow.  But how much bigger and how does that convert to stitches?  I asked Darryl to help me and he said something about calculus!  Yikes, that is beyond my math eduction.   I find a non-stretchy piece of string and explain that I need him to help hold the string around my arm.  It is difficult to keep the string in place with only one hand while the other is being held out to be measured.  I put one of my wrist warmers on, we wrap the string around my arm where the arm warmer will end (I have decided to add about 22 rows).   Then we wrap the same piece of string around where the wrist warmer ends and mark the difference in the length.  I lay that length on the wrist warmer and count how many stitches it covers – eight.   That is how many more stitches I need at the elbow end.  I plan to start knitting on the ribbed edge (the elbow edge) as I do for wrist warmers, so I need to start with the most stitches and get smaller as I knit towards the hand.  I’ll decrease a stitch on each end of the decrease rows, so that means I have 4 decrease rows to spread out among the new 22 rows.  It did take a lot of scribbling.

Scribbled pattern

A pattern in the making

But after I wrote down which rows that would be decrease rows I gave the idea a try.

unmatched arm warmers

Need to make an adjustment

My goal is to knit both arm warmers from one 50 gram ball of yarn.  The one on the left was knit first and had 66 rows.  I ran out of yarn at 59 rows on the second one.  With some yarn left over from wrist warmers, I made it to 62 rows.  I’ll have to rip back 4 rows on the first one.  Not too bad for a first try.

matching arm warmers

They match!

On the second try, my pair match!  Sixty-two rows seemed to the sweet spot! 

50+ inches of yarn

Very little left over

That is about 55 inches of yarn left over.  I’m happy with that.

Arm warmers


The seams are sewn and they are ready for their debut.

arm warmers

Too long for my model

They are too long to be photographed on my display hand.  I’m not sure of the best way to show these.

arm warmer

On my arm?

Do they look better on a real arm?  What do you think?   Which way is the best photo to show off the new length?

I’m hoping to have a few of these finished for my first spring craft show — which is coming up next Saturday!  Spring Days is in St Michael, March 9.  Hope to see you there.

Wrist Warmer goal

This is my time to build my inventory for the markets and shows that will start later in the year.  On my list is wrist warmers.   They continue to be a very good seller for me.  I have some left over from last year.

wrist warmers

Completed and tagged


 And these are completed

wrist warmers


As I finish these, I add them to a box.

wrist warmers

Also completed

These are also ready for tagging.  But wait….

wrist warmers

Not finished

I also like to have a stack that just need to have the hand work completed.  I work on the frilly edge and seaming in the evenings.


In the queue

And still I have yarn that I have in the pipeline to become wrist warmers. All yarn is 100% alpaca, of course.  My goal is to have about 150 pair completed before things start hopping around here in April or May.  I’m about half way there.  To see all 42 colors that are available, check out my online store.  If you a need a nice little Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetie or your grandma, wrist warmers could fit the bill.

The Packing Challenge

I’ve been staging things to go to Shepherd’s Harvest for the last couple weeks.  But yesterday, I had to get serious and try to fit it all into our car. 

tote bins


I have 5 tote bins – the clear one in front is just yarn! The others have hats, mittens, socks, shawls and lots of other alpaca goodies for sale. The box in back has my rugs and place mats/stadium seats.  



I have 7 fleeces and 2 bags of roving, a box of felting kits, and a small tote bin of wrist warmers.


Display racks

 I’m also bringing my garment rack and my yarn rack.  Fortunately, these come apart.  By last night, all this was stuffed into the car!  With the front passenger seat reserved for my suitcase, backpack, knitting project bag and one rack I forgot about yesterday. 

Thanks to Twisted Suri Alpaca Ranch for bringing the grid-wall and tables for both our booths! 

Baby news – nothing yet, but my husband could experience his first alpaca birth without me this weekend.

My new space!

Yesterday I moved into my new space!  Here is the before:

blank wall

4.5 feet of blankness

I have started renting a small space in the Loft at Shepherd’s Choice in Anoka, MN.  A bunch of fiber people have taken over the loft and filled it with fibery fun.

wall of socks

Socks and yarn

My back wall is pegboard, so I hung a bunch of my alpaca socks and some yarn.  As I get new yarn dyed, more will be added. 

socks, yarn, roving

My whole space

I’ve also got some wrist warmers, a basket of alpaca roving and one of my sweater dryers.  The sweater dryer is for sale but does double duty as a little table to show off a bowl of cat toys.  I’ll also be putting in some hours working at the shop.   I’ll post my hours on my facebook page – if you would like to see something specific or have me bring in an order for you, please contact me.  Let’s save driving and shipping costs!  There are lots of wonderous goodies in the Loft.

spinning wheels

Wheels and braids

Mary of Spinning Magic has a lovely collections of wheels and other spinning goodies for sale.  She is also available most days to give priviate spinning lessons.  There is lots of sheepy wool ready for spinning, too.

felting and stuff

Lots of stuff to check out

From felting to bags to lots of fun, fibery things to discover, you’re sure to find something to delight you in the Loft at Shepherd’s Choice.  I hope you make plans to check it out soon.  I’m looking forward to seeing you there.

Road Trip

Last weekend we took a road trip to visit my sister and see her boys play hockey.  This is Adam, who was our farm hand last summer.

hockey player

Waiting for the game to start

You can read about his stay with us in these 5 posts from last August


Blocking a goal

He was the goalie for the Dubuque Stars.  This was his last tournament of the season.

hockey player - Jonathan

Getting ready to start

This is Adam’s brother Jonathan.  There is talk that he may spend some time working on the farm in the future.

skating away

Going after the puck

Jonathan played defense in this game for the Ice Wolves.  He has one more weekend of games. 

I spent a lot of time riding in the car.  I did some knitting on the current charity blanket when I wanted to see the scenery and I sewed the seams on 8 pair of wrist warmers.  

wrist warmers

Wrist warmers nearly dry

That was a lot of sewing.  They are now felted and drying.  I’ve knit another 6 pair, which should be finished soon.   I cleared out a bunch of yarn on that project.  


Manly wrist warmers

I’ve been knitting some manly-man wrist warmers. 

wrist warmers

8 pairs to sew

These will be felted after I get them sewn together.  I’m planning a nice long session with my sewing needle to get these all sewn together.  I have more yarn drying that I just dyed today that is also destined to be knit and felted into wrist warmers.  This time I even have some colors that might appeal the outdoorsy gal, too.  Great for hunting or ice fishing or shoveling snow.

Here’s another scarf for charity.

knit scarf

Another scarf

This is a new pattern and I really like it.  It lays very flat without being blocked, which tends to flatten the texture.  Looks like my knitting group will have a nice stash of scarves to donate by next fall.

Moving on…

Coldest morning of the season!  It was about 15 degrees below zero when I did chores this morning.  But the wind had finally died down overnight and I could remind myself that it is mid-January.  Days are getting longer, sun is getting warmer and this sub-zero weather is only supposed to last a couple days.  The alpacas were oblivious to the cold.  Once there was hay to be eaten they were happy as could be.  Amazing critters. 

What is this?

pile of unfinished wrist warmers
That is 36 pair of unfinished wrist warmers.  The colorful ends in front will be removed and replaced with the decorative frilly edge that is knit by hand.  These are ready to go the gal who will do the finishing work.  But wait!  There is more.

pile of yarn

Lots of skeins

This pile of yarn is also destined for wrist warmers after is it wound into balls.  One down, 83 left to go!  
But now, I’m taking a break from wrist warmers.  I’m going to knit a hat to be felted. 


Proto type

I made this one in November out of some wool that was in my charity stash.  I’ve been giving myself pep talks ever since to get one made of alpaca.  I think today is the day! 

The wrist warmer project

They are taking over my life – well not quite, but I’ve been trying to get a jump on the yarn I bought during all the sales at the end of last year. 

wrist warmers
Ready for sale!

These are all done, except for tagging.  Then they’ll be added to my online shop.  Many will be going to my first show of 2012 in March.  I also have a bunch of black ones that just need the hand finishing done.  Then I want to get on with making a few hats that will be felted. 

I also sent 27 pair of wrist warmers for Twisted Suri Alpaca Ranch to the gal who will be doing the hand finishing on them.