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Drawing a blank?

I’ve knit a few sock blanks from my new sock yarn.  Do you know what sock blanks are?  Have you tried them?  Do you like them?

Sock blanks are a rectangular piece of knitting using 2 strands of white (or very light) sock yarn.  This rectangle is then hand dyed or painted in any way – the more intricate the better.  After drying, the rectangle is unraveled with each strand being wound into its own ball.  The result is 2 balls of identical yarn to knit into 2 matching socks. Perfectly matched socks every time!  No muss, no fuss!

sock blank

Sock blank

Here’s why I think my sock blanks are really great!

  • They are made from my 95% alpaca / 5% nylon sock yarn
  • There is 300 yards of yarn, 150 yd per sock
  • They are knit in the rib stitch, not stockinette, so they lay flat for dyeing
  • The rib stitch is loose, so dye will soak through and dye evenly
  • The rib stitch is loose, so unraveling will be easy
  • They have ample ‘scrap’ yarn on the end to start unraveling so you can easily find the ends
  • And… ( I think this is very cool)
loop at beginning


At the beginning, which will be the last to be unraveled, is a loop.  If you are making socks, just snip your 2 balls of yarn apart.  But if you would like to make a very uniquely dyed scarf, you can knit one ball from the center, the other from the outside of the ball and your scarf will be mirrored from end to end.  THAT is one of a kind!

Are you ready to try sock blanks?  I would love to see your results!


For the over-achievers

Calling all over-achieving sock knitters!  This is for the sock knitter who wants totally unique socks. 

sock blank

Sock Blanks

This is a 6 ounce skein of sock yarn (about 480 yards), made into a scarf-like piece that is knit with 2 strands held together.  It is knit very loosely and finished with some scrap yarn (the green that you can see) to keep the live stitches from raveling.  All this is done so the over-achieving sock knitter can dye this scarf-like thing in any way their heart desires.  Then when dry, unravel the knitting, winding as you go into two identical balls.  These balls of yarn will then become an identical pair of socks.

sock blank banded for sale

Ready to go

Other options could be a scarf that is mirrored in its colors from one end to the other, or a shawl that is mirrored or repeated from top to bottom.   Dyeing a blank such as this is an easy way to get long color transitions.   They will sell for $32 for the 6 oz blank.  What do you think?