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The latest felting kit

The last couple weeks, I’ve been working on creating a new felting kit.  I chose a cute little bunny in a flower pot from the designs selected by my partners at Twisted Suri Alpacas.  After dyeing and stamping and all that, I got to needle felt the design.  This is the fun part!  And I am ‘required’ to do every design so I have an example to take the pictures for the packaging.  😉

Bunny #1

I asked for opinions and 3 out of 3 (4 of 4 if I include my own opinion!) were not thrilled with the bunny’s color.  So…..

Bunny #1 removed

I had carded white and black fiber together for the gray and thought I had a really nice gray roving!  I’m considering attempting to combine a bunch more and even try spinning it.  Gray yarn is so popular, but gray alpacas are rare.  (It is a bonus when good still comes out of an experiment gone awry!)  But a gray bunny was not to be.  So I tried again.

Bunny #2

This is the finished picture!   Already in our Etsy shop.   Cute and fun to make.


Accomplishments on retreat

First – I knit these 2 pair of mittens. 

Mittens for charity

Mittens for charity

They will be finished by another gal in my knitting group.  I have a total of 7 pair to turn over to her tomorrow at our monthly meeting. 

Last weekend was my spinning guild’s retreat at the Linden Hills mansion.  I spun and knit and ate and relaxed.  It was awesome.  I spun this huge skein from the fiber of Ruby.

Hand spun alpaca yarn

Hand spun alpaca yarnThis set was started before the retreat, but I finished the scarf and got the hat to the point of steaming. Brown set of alpaca yarn

After steaming, the hat will get ear flaps added.  The mittens need to be felted yet.

While on the retreat, I seamed the wristwarmers and mittens, knit the scarf and started the hat.   The hat will be blue with brown stripes. 

Blue set of alpaca yarn

Blue set of alpaca yarn

The hat will be an ear flap hat.  These mittens will also be felted.  These 2 sets are part of a custom order.  

Here’s my newest addition to my Etsy store.

Bird nesting material

Bird nesting material

A suet cage stuffed full of alpaca fiber and alpaca yarn snippets.  Ready to give birds the opportunity to have soft warm nests for the babies this spring.   $9.   Go ahead  – spoil your birds!