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Dish cloths, anyone?

In the cold depths of this Minnesota winter, I’ve started building the inventory for the summer farmer’s markets.  It helps to at least plan for warmer weather!

First on the list is cotton dish cloths.  While not in my repertoire of alpaca fiber products, they are quick and fun and sell pretty well, so I buy 100% un-mercerized cotton yarn on cones.  Last year I knit about 12 cones.  Since those dish cloths are nearly sold out, I have 14 cones for this year.

14 cones of yarn

Yarn for dish cloths

I get about 18 – 20 dishcloths from each cone.  Do the math… that is a lot of dishcloths!

Up first is a variegated blue / violet color.

blue/violet dish cloth

Dish cloth

As I finish each color, they will be available online for $3.50 each.  They make great bridal shower gifts.  And any encouragement to continue knitting is much appreciated by me!


Dishcloths are done….almost

I have knit over 150 dishcloths so far this year.  They are 100% cotton.  They are lightweight, easy to wring out, very absorbent and make doing the dishes a little less of a chore.


The new colors

I have nine new colors to offer!  The only color I have left to knit is red.  I have a cone of red cotton yarn that has been on back-order since November!  All those shown above are listed in my online store.

I brought some of these dishcloths to the new Anoka Fiber Works! The Anoka Fiber Arts Co-op has a new location and bigger space. If you are in the Anoka / Coon Rapids area, be sure to check it out.

I even knit to the very end of most of the cones by making these ‘misfit’ dishcloths.  Some are a few rows shorter, some have stitch flaws, some are just made of two colors to finish off the cones!  I’ll have these at craft shows at a discounted price.


My mistfits


It sure feels good to (almost) have one thing off my inventory to-do list!

Anyone for dishcloths?

For several years, I’ve knit a few dishcloths from cotton yarn.  Last year I found some nice yarn and started making dishcloths that are a little less bulky.  I had a customer say that she likes them better since she can wring the water out of them more easily than most knit ones.  So I maybe got a little crazy when that nice cotton yarn went on sale.

Solid colors

Solid colors


I got the above 4 cones of solid colors, plus a red that is back-ordered and has yet to come.

variegated colors

Variegated colors

I also have these 3 cones of multicolored yarn still in the wrappers!

yarn and dishcloths

In the works

I have finished a cone of variegated pink, violet and turquoise and started on a solid blue cone.  In total that is 10 cones of yarn.  Each cone has yarn to make 15 – 18 dishcloths.  That equals a really big pile of dishcloths!  You know what I’ll be doing every spare moment. 

The solid blue dishcloths and the pink, violet, turquoise dishcloths are already available in my online store.  They make great bridal shower gifts.

Whose turn is it to do dishes?

When I was a kid, we siblings took turns doing the supper dishes.  There was no automatic dishwasher back then.  We were the dishwashers! 

I’ve just finished up a bunch of pretty dishcloths that would make anyone a little happier to be doing the dishes.  I started with this:

cones of yarn

3 cones of yarn

This is 100% unmercerized cotton.  Dishcloths are the only thing I knit for sale that is not alpaca.  They are fun, easy and pretty quick on the knitting machine. 

pile of dish cloths

Pile of dish cloths

Before long I had the most of all three cones knit into dishcloths. 

dish cloth designs

Variety of color designs

I really like that the bright colors of this yarn pooled into different patterns on each dishcloth.  No two are alike. 


Ready to go

Thirty-seven new dishcloths are added to inventory.  They are tagged and folded and ready for sale ($3.50 each).  They’ll be at the farmer’s market as well as at the Elk River Arena show this weekend, Sept 15-16. 

Come for the fun

I hope you will stop by the craft show and find my booth.

Dishcloths Complete

Another project that was started by Adam is now complete. 


Lots of dishcloths

Between Adam and I, there are now nearly 30 new dishcloths knitted and ready for sale.  The four new colors are mostly light colored.  I still have some darker combinations left. 

Another exciting thing that happened is I was interviewed by Ryan of I am MN Nice.  Later this week, the video he shot will be posted on his website and youtube.  I sure hope it is not too dorky of me! 

This weekend, Sept 10-11, I’ll be at the Little Falls Craft Fair.  Come and see me.

We made the last day count!

Adam and I were up early, got chores done, ate breakfast and then discussed what to do for the day.  Adam had been quite intrigued by my knitting machine so today he wanted to learn to knit.  The first thing he noticed was a cone of my acrylic yarn in maroon.  After looking further, he found another cone in a bright gold / yellow.  The colors of the Minnesota Gophers.   And soon the plan for a scarf was underway.  I started a simple 1×1 rib and let Adam knit away.  We had a minor catastrophe after about 160 rows and had to start over. 


Adam's scarf

But soon Adam had knit 250 rows and declared his scarf long enough.  I bound off the stitches and he had a scarf to wear when sledding this winter.  For his next project, he decided to try cotton dishcloths. 

Adam knitting

Adam knitting

This is a rather complicated process.  I showed him how to cast on, knit the first row, put a special bar called a comb across the stitches, add weight to hold down the stitches on the needles, set a dial, knit the second row, push in 2 buttons and then begin knitting. 


Adam knitting

The machine has a little counter that gets tripped with each row.  Adam had to watch the counter and at rows 15, 21, 106, 112, and 126 he had to adjust a couple of the buttons.  Then I showed him how to bind off the stitches.  With each dishcloth, he learned more steps and needed me less to help him.  Before long, he could do all the steps without my instruction.  He only needed help if he messed something up.

dish cloths

Dish cloths

By the end of the day, he finished 8 dishcloths – mostly by himself!  He also learned to change yarn and re-thread the machine.  

In mid-afternoon, his Mom, Peggy and brother, Jonathan came.   Adam took them to the barn to see the alpacas and feed them the remainder of the green beans and cucumber peelings.  I looked towards the barn and see Peg and Jonathan in with the alpacas.   Adam had given them a lesson in scooping poop.

in the alpaca pen

Cleaning the alpaca pen

Adam came back in the house and left them to finish the job!  He wanted to prepare for his next demonstration.  Adam then showed his mom and brother that he could knit a dishcloth.  The student had become the teacher!


Jonathan knits

Adam got a dish cloth started and showed Jonathan how to knit and follow the pattern. 


On his own

Jonathan was nearly done, when he had a wee problem and we had to start over. 


Completed dish cloth

Jonathan finished his dish cloth on the second try and I bound it off for him.  He declared it a success!  Adam also showed his Mom how he learned to card fiber.   And lastly, he packed up his overnight bag and took his Lucky Charms cereal and they were off on the long drive back to Wisconsin.  

We had a wonderful time with Adam on the farm.   He was a great helper and a quick learner.   And it was amazing to watch him absorbs new skills and then show them to others.  Thanks for all your hard work, Adam!

Knitting cotton

I rarely knit anything other than alpaca for gifts or sale and acrylic for my charity projects.  But I recently bought a bunch of 100% cotton from Carole’s Country Knits at Rocking Horse Farm and knit dishcloths. 


New dishcloths

Light and springy colors,  mulit-colored to cover stains, textured for scrubbing the pots and pans.  If you need a gift for those bridal showers that will be coming up, these make great and useful gifts.  You can find them in my online shop, along with a group of dark colored dishcloths.

I’ve been knitting too!

With the craft show season quickly approaching, I’ve been working to build my inventory back up. 

I’ve knit a whole lot of dishcloths – 100% cotton, $3.50 each. 

About a foot square

Made in lots of colors

Browns and blues

 The multi-colors tend to hide food stains.

Green/white and yellow/brown

 Even some in Christmas colors.

Red/green and navy/olive

I also have some mittens in progress.

Mittens in progress

I still have to finish the yellow and orange.  I’m anticipating some car-ride time this weekend, so they are going along!

BIG mittens

And all three pair will be felted.  They are nearly a foot long – and a foot is way bigger than a hand (no pun intended!)

And last, but not least, I’m working on a skinny scarf.

Lacy scarf

It is made from some of the bulky 100% alpaca I dyed a while back.  I really like how the orange does a zig-zag thing up the scarf.   It is not quite half done.  Measurements when it is finished. 

What have YOU been working  on lately?