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My new space!

Yesterday I moved into my new space!  Here is the before:

blank wall

4.5 feet of blankness

I have started renting a small space in the Loft at Shepherd’s Choice in Anoka, MN.  A bunch of fiber people have taken over the loft and filled it with fibery fun.

wall of socks

Socks and yarn

My back wall is pegboard, so I hung a bunch of my alpaca socks and some yarn.  As I get new yarn dyed, more will be added. 

socks, yarn, roving

My whole space

I’ve also got some wrist warmers, a basket of alpaca roving and one of my sweater dryers.  The sweater dryer is for sale but does double duty as a little table to show off a bowl of cat toys.  I’ll also be putting in some hours working at the shop.   I’ll post my hours on my facebook page – if you would like to see something specific or have me bring in an order for you, please contact me.  Let’s save driving and shipping costs!  There are lots of wonderous goodies in the Loft.

spinning wheels

Wheels and braids

Mary of Spinning Magic has a lovely collections of wheels and other spinning goodies for sale.  She is also available most days to give priviate spinning lessons.  There is lots of sheepy wool ready for spinning, too.

felting and stuff

Lots of stuff to check out

From felting to bags to lots of fun, fibery things to discover, you’re sure to find something to delight you in the Loft at Shepherd’s Choice.  I hope you make plans to check it out soon.  I’m looking forward to seeing you there.


Crisis Averted!

Last Saturday we had some pretty strong winds here, then lots of rain.  After the storm had passed, I was headed to the barn to check on the alpacas and came across a phoebe nest on the ground.   I had been watching the little birds poking their heads up for food when the mama bird flew in for feeding.  This is where is should have been.


I called for Darryl and he climbed up on a ladder and put the nest back on the downspout.  There were five babies in the nest and they had stayed tight in the nest for the ride to the ground.  Their little claws were clenching the inside of the nest – which I noticed was lined with alpaca fiber.  On Sunday morning, I noticed the little birds were still alive and mama had come back to feed them.

A few days ago, I saw the nest was empty.  So I climbed up and took it down, since it was no longer very stable.  The nest was lined with alpaca fiber and dryer lint! 

Phoebe nest

I can only assume that all 5 of the babies survived.  I could never see all 5 heads at once from the ground.  It’s nice to know that some of the alpaca fiber that ends up blowing around the yard went to a good home.  And maybe kept these cold and wet baby birds warm after a long and scary ride to the ground in a nasty storm.

Accomplishments on retreat

First – I knit these 2 pair of mittens. 

Mittens for charity

Mittens for charity

They will be finished by another gal in my knitting group.  I have a total of 7 pair to turn over to her tomorrow at our monthly meeting. 

Last weekend was my spinning guild’s retreat at the Linden Hills mansion.  I spun and knit and ate and relaxed.  It was awesome.  I spun this huge skein from the fiber of Ruby.

Hand spun alpaca yarn

Hand spun alpaca yarnThis set was started before the retreat, but I finished the scarf and got the hat to the point of steaming. Brown set of alpaca yarn

After steaming, the hat will get ear flaps added.  The mittens need to be felted yet.

While on the retreat, I seamed the wristwarmers and mittens, knit the scarf and started the hat.   The hat will be blue with brown stripes. 

Blue set of alpaca yarn

Blue set of alpaca yarn

The hat will be an ear flap hat.  These mittens will also be felted.  These 2 sets are part of a custom order.  

Here’s my newest addition to my Etsy store.

Bird nesting material

Bird nesting material

A suet cage stuffed full of alpaca fiber and alpaca yarn snippets.  Ready to give birds the opportunity to have soft warm nests for the babies this spring.   $9.   Go ahead  – spoil your birds!