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More felting and more felting fiber

I dyed more fiber for felting – similar to this that I dyed in April, except different colors, a little more variegated within each batch. 

bags of fiber dyed for feting

Felting Fiber

I filled 10 packages of one ounce of fiber in each that are for sale and have some of nearly every color left for me to use. 

And what might I be using this for?  Well, I just finished these:

stacks of felted soap

Felted soap

Each of those is a stack of 8 bars of soap, with only one bar in each of the empty looking spaces.  114 bars in all completed for All Things Herbal.   And I now have waiting for me, a box of 60 bars of soap which I will felt for me to sell.  I think I will probably do them all in the new colors.  They are so fun.  And there is one more felting event in my future.   I’m planning on teaching a soap felting class at Anoka Fiber Works in August.   Actually, I’ll teach the same class twice on August 13, Tuesday, either at 11:30 AM or 5:30 PM.  Cost is $12 and that will include all materials and a little carding demonstration on blending the colored fiber.  Call Anoka Fiber Works to register for the class.


Dishcloths are done….almost

I have knit over 150 dishcloths so far this year.  They are 100% cotton.  They are lightweight, easy to wring out, very absorbent and make doing the dishes a little less of a chore.


The new colors

I have nine new colors to offer!  The only color I have left to knit is red.  I have a cone of red cotton yarn that has been on back-order since November!  All those shown above are listed in my online store.

I brought some of these dishcloths to the new Anoka Fiber Works! The Anoka Fiber Arts Co-op has a new location and bigger space. If you are in the Anoka / Coon Rapids area, be sure to check it out.

I even knit to the very end of most of the cones by making these ‘misfit’ dishcloths.  Some are a few rows shorter, some have stitch flaws, some are just made of two colors to finish off the cones!  I’ll have these at craft shows at a discounted price.


My mistfits


It sure feels good to (almost) have one thing off my inventory to-do list!