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I felt like sewing

For some reason, I got the itch to do a little sewing today.  And since I remembered an idea I had after my last craft show, I got to work.

bucket and fabric


I found a clean 5 gallon bucket and a piece of black fabric that had been a yard long, but had a chunk cut out of it.

With a little measuring, sizing, piecing together and sewing, I was ready to try it on for size.

fabric lined bucket

Lined bucket

I even put a fabric bottom in my bucket cover.  Then I added the real reason I needed this.

Rugs in a bucket

Rugs in a bucket

I added the sign and, voila’, I have a new display for my rugs at craft shows. These are the last of my alpaca rugs.  There are not enough left to bring my rug rack to shows, but they need a way to stand out.

And speaking of shows, my next craft show is April 12, 8 AM – 3 PM.  It is the Sherburne County Master Gardeners Garden Expo in Big Lake.  Hope to see you there.


My new rug rack

Shepherd’s Harvest is coming up quickly – May 7 – 8!  This year I’ve left the Upper Midwest Alpaca combine retail area and have a double booth I’m sharing with Twisted Suri Alpacas

Since we both have alpaca rugs for sale, we needed a compact way to display them.  Darryl stepped up to the task and made this rug rack. 

rug rack

Rug rack

It can hold a lot of rugs in a relatively small space.  And they can be seen much better than being piled up on a table.  You can also see my rugs on my online store.