2014 is a wrap!

2014 is nearly over and I’ve come to a decision to take a break from my blog.  For most of 2014, my blog posts were few and far between.  Part of that is due to increasing my newsletter editions. Rather than 4 times a year, I’ve been publishing my newsletter each month.  In my newsletter, I try to highlight the new projects I’m working on and the events where I can be found.

So I would like to invite my blog readers to subscribe to my newsletter.  You can do that here.  If you would like to read past newsletters, you can find them here on my website – for newsletter archives, scroll down past the videos (watch them if you haven’t, they are pretty neat).

We are looking at some new and exciting ideas for 2015.  Please follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our newsletter.  Thanks for reading all these years.


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